Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Okay, maybe I've been a little critical (alot) of Danny Ainge (Opie) and how he's run my beloved Boston Celtics over the last few years. This dude was such a bad GM that not even having the second best chance at a first round pick could help him. We landed the fifth pick in this year's draft. We're a loser organization. But apparently got one of those George Bush/Desert Storm wildhairs and is no longer going to be the wimp of this organization. Dude came out of nowhere and apparently nailed a deal shut that would bring Kevin Garnett, one of the most potent players in the league, to the C's and all but nail home the lackluster Atlantic Division. Of course, it's not guaranteed, but you gotta think with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen also joining him in the starting five, that's a team most dudes ain't gonna play with.
Of course, it took trading the future of the franchise, Al Jefferson, along with four other players to get Kevin. Not sure about that strategy, but hey, it's Danny Ainge, you're gonna have a downside.

Not to be outdone, the Sawx are apparently going after Jermaine Dye and are willing to swap Wily Mo Pena for him. Gotta love Wily Mo, I mean, we traded Bronson Arroyo off for him and he plays no more than Bronson did as a starting pitcher and, now, he serves as pretty good trading bait for Jermaine Dye. So now it's like trading Bronson for Jermaine except we had to watch Wily strike out one out of ever three plate appearances. He did, however, launch the longest home run in Red Sox history with a 547-foot blast. That'll cement his name in the books for a while. This deal is far from done, however, reports say.

I gotta tell you, I was listening to a vinyl copy of De La Soul's Three Feet High and Rising last night on the back porch grilling burgers and drinking a beer and, I'm pretty strongly convinced that, creatively, there has never been as strong of a record nor, hear me out, will there ever be. This one takes the cake. And it sounds so damn fresh on vinyl.

Looks like I'm heading to Santa Fe with Danny and Mashbus for the Paid Dues show which will feature Sage Francis, Cage, Living Legends, Brother Ali, Slug and Murs and more. Should be a superdope show. Of course, I'm regretfully passing on Rock the Bells in Dallas to do so, but it's a fraction of the Rock the Bells lineup that the coasts get and I'm not sure if any Wu Tang set is worth sitting through David Banner. Yeah, I'm a snob. Not only that, but Dallas heads don't bring it to hip hop shows. The worst crowds I've ever seen at hip hop shows have been in Dallas. Either they act like a show's not even going on and sit on their thumbs like, "Impress me," or they're too exuberant and someone gets hurt when some cat who has the misperception that hip hop shows are venues for violence and uninhibited idiocy. Dude goes from bobbing his head harmlessly to incorportating more shoulder movement to maybe moving around on his feet to throwing an elbow to punching a dude in the belly to taking his keys to stealing his car to orchestrating a hit-and-run on a vagrant to abandoning the car somewhere in a dark alley to never being seen again. Whatta bummer. It's okay to just get down. They can't just enjoy a show. Do you think it's any coincidence that most hip hop shows jump Dallas? I mean, they'd rather hit up Austin and Denton than land in Dallas. No offense, Wil. I think you know what I'm talking about.

Aight, we'll talk politics and Tupperware some other time. I know you cats are sometimes bored with sports and hip hop talk. Start your own blog.

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