Sunday, October 21, 2007


Look, did I ever think it couldn't happen? Maybe. I mean, down 1-3 to a very strong Indians team would give one reason to worry. That is, if you were any other team but the Red Sox. Thursday night, I was saying, "Just get us back to Fenway." Mission accomplished. Last night, we poured it on the Indians winning 12-2 to force Game 7. Schilling was remarkable and good ol' JD Drew hit a grand slam in the first inning which would prove to be enough to coast to victory. Now we got 'em on their heels.

In fact, in the last two games, the Sox have been nothing short of dominant--outscoring the Indians, 19-3. Look, anything can happen in Game 7 tonight. We got Dice K on the mound to start and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried. But, like I said when we were down 1-3, this is a perfect scenario for a Wyrick. We love comebacks. Give us a "down but not out" situation and watch us surge. Gettin' a sixer of Sam Adams Boston Ale for the game tonight. Let's see if I'm buying tickets to the Series in Colorado tomorrow.

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