Tuesday, October 23, 2007


You knew I'd be first online to purchase World Series tickets to one of two games in Denver, either Saturday or Sunday (Game 3 or 4). In fact, others might have expected that I would've taken time out in my schedule to do so. However, I would be a little off the mark expecting that either I'd have tickets purchased in just an hour or, secondly and more likely, they would've been sold out in an hour. Well, neither happened.

Yep, the Rockies blew their first shot at an only-online ticket sale when their servers folded under the weight of 8.5 million users attempting to buy World Series tickets. They did manage to sell 500 seats yesterday before everything crashed. I heard someone comment about this being indicative of the "overwhelming support of Rockies fans" while someone on the inside suggested this was a deliberate and "malicious" attack on the system. Neither, folks. That's Red Sox Nation.

Colorado wouldn't have had this problem if the Indians made it. Same with the Angels. Maybe with the Yankees. Either way, I get another chance today at 1PM. I got my wingman Elders (Goose) working for some as well. We kinda have an unwritten agreement. You almost need multiple people going because, for the tickets that I'd agree to pay for, you're probably looking at chances around 1 out of 900. And that's just to purchase one ticket. To get two consecutively, I'm estimating the chances are more around 1 out of 1,900. Four in a row? Probably looking at 1 out of 7,000. Gotta love my chances.

So what was the Colorado Rockies organization doing on their eight days off since securing their spot in the Series? I mean, if they weren't preparing for Series ticket sales, they must have been up to something much more important, right? Of course.

The Colorado Rockies have been busy trying to trademark the word, "Rocktober" for exclusive rights to the word on all merchandise, apparel or otherwise. That's quite a bold move, you think? I mean, every classic rock station in America has Rocktober programming or promotions. That's like me trying to trademark the phrase "partly cloudy." What kind of retarded ish are the Rockies up to? I mean, by the time they secure the exclusive rights, the month of October will only have five more days in it. Or, more importantly, if you're going to trademark such a word, wouldn't it make more sense to actually win the Series? I mean, if the Sox win the Series, would that give us rights to "Socktober" by default? This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Perhaps they should've put the same resources and money into developing a better system for ticket distribution. Dummy.

That's like hiring a clown for a birthday party that juggles fifteen flaming poodles, but forgetting to send out invitations. It's Tuesday and you know what that means...De La Soul is Dead day.

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