Monday, October 08, 2007


Yep, Trot gave them three runs on the error in right. Damon cracks a three-run homer. Six runs off contributions from former Sox. Without Trot and Damon, Yankees lose 2-4. Of course, all of this with the world's most expensive hamstring going out after only two innings of work. Clemens, thanks for showing us your ageless strength and incredible courage. You're an inspiration to everyone over 45 years old. And you pulled off the biggest cash heist in baseball history. Good move. To a certain extent, that's a move that only a former Sock could pull. Dude, got paid $28 million and only pitched 99 innings in the season. That would be approximately $300,000 an inning. And he posted a lousy 6-6 record. So, basically, Yankees paid $28,000,000 for six wins.

Even more important, they forfeited all that money that could've been put toward young talent and the future of their team. Of course, Cano, Joba and, to a certain extent, Cabrera are fine players, but they're trading fodder.

Sox swept the Angels. Elders won a bet that will bring him his own Rally Monkey. Manny and Papi are swinging very well and the pitching was lights out. In other words, this team is a scary machine.

Let's just hope the Yanks and Indians go the maximum five games. We'll be waiting for them in Boston for Friday night--whoever decides to show up.

Okay, so my brother (thanks for the pic) was at the "baby doctor" checking up on Peanut and he happened along the raddest name in the world. Now, if you're blessed with the last name "Crunk," you can do some phenomenally creative name work when naming your firstborn. I would probably opt for the following name "Keep It Crunk" or "We Live Crunk," but you'd have a hard time growing up with the first name "Keep" or "We." Well, the Crunk family from Texas' Permian Basin opted for another direction. It's one that I certainly approve of. It's a dope name. And apparently, the lil' tike thinks so, too. Check out the smile on this kid. He's gotta long, happy life ahead of him.

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