Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Universal sign for nausea--the hand to the mouth but no coughing, hunched shoulders. Don't know what it was. My lovely wife told me that the rice I prepared with my turkey last night had a "best by" date of October, 2001. I wonder if that had something to do with it. Geez, that would've meant it was purchased back when I was single living in Lubbock. That's enough to make another trip to the toilet just at the thought of it.

But rice really spoils? It might have been the powder that you put in the rice. Ugh. Gross.

Was watching MTV this morning bleary-eyed in bed and saw a Sway interview with Nelly and he started talking about Nelly Furtado and her success. He said, "Good for Nelly Futardo." Man, you get a couple of letters in her name reversed and it has a totally different sound to it. It's not like Ricky Ricardo with the "ardo"--it's "tardo" which I can't think is something you want anywhere in your name. Poor rapper Nelly. He's so dumb.

So I've been pretty absent for a bit (Holy cow, Tucker's got horrible gas this morning--something died in here). Busy, you know, that hustle never stops in the AMA. I'm wondering how in the hell I'm going to get this year-end hip hop list written with so many lousy hip hop records releasing this year. Dude, this year has been historically bunk. And I said the same thing last year. So, essentially, this is the worst year in hip hop. I might have to think about that. I mean, we got an El-P record this year. Aesop Rock. Common. Madlib. Oh No (dope). Kanye. Atmosphere. Percee P. Sage Francis. Some big names.

Of course, no MF Doom again this year (although it's being promised).

Check out this photo sent from Bro Bro of Remi Emre at a photo studio. This is the tightest. I mean, this takes it to the next level. Good work, Remi. You's a champ.

Baseball, geez, what a cruel game. Sox are down 1-3 to the Indians. Of course, as a Wyrick, you love being down in situations like this. It just sets the stage for a miraculous comeback. If we can take Thursday night in Cleveland and take it back to Boston, anything can happen. If we don't take Thursday night in Cleveland, then, well, we're screwed. It's ovah.

We just a few more of these kinda moments. No doubt, the Indians played well. I said it going into this series that I'd much rather play the Yankees than the Indians. They're a scary team and they're proving why in this series.

I can tell you this, though, all these cats climbing on the Rockies wagon better recognize that nothing's won until you beat the AL and, Red Sox or Indians, you're gonna have your hands full. It's amazing, though, to see people backing the Rockies all the sudden. Good for me and Red Sox Nation. Now we can widdle down the membership back to a manageable level. Someone actually told me that we're the hated team in the playoffs and I couldn't help but think, "Finally." We'll finally be able to tell the fans from the fakers. I'm going back to bed.


K-Fleet said...

Hope you get to feeling better, holmes.

TX said...

that shakeface is illin. it takes something special to rattle off one of those high quality shakes in a studio...on the spot. Cool stuff.

Get to feelin' better. You sound awful.

Anonymous said...

Remi is AWESOME!!!