Monday, October 08, 2007


Sorry, but I just had to point out how dumbass this headline because, as of the time I type this, it seems that the entire Yankee team is ineligible for further playoff action in the 2007 season. Thanks for playing, fellas. Maybe next year you can find a better way to invest $28 million dollars. I imagine that'll buy Clemens a pretty nice set of clubs.

Speaking of golf...Joe, it's been nice knowing you. Stay comfy in your golf cart. You'll be getting quite familiar with such a mode of transportation in the coming years. Hey, I'm sure Florida's looking for a manager and there's some great courses down there. Maybe we'll meet again when the Devil Rays come to town. I hear Florida's nice for the retired folks. And let's face it, you've been retired for the last four years.

Sox and Indians begin Friday night in Boston. Red Sox can't win this series. Cleveland's too tough. It's better to expect it up front than to mislead yourself into believing they actually stand a chance. In that case, Sox won't win another game this entire post-season.

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Anonymous said...

Disrespecting one of the best managers in MLB history is not something you should be proud of...even if you are a Sox fan. Torre is revered by the entire league. You should open your eyes are note that the Manager can only do so much and the rest falls in the players laps.