Monday, October 22, 2007


Yep, the Sox are series bound. In case you missed it last night, the Sox threw Dice-K last night in, what would be the game that would ultimately define his career to date with the Red Sox. After spending $103,000,000, Dice-K would put together a decent year, but by no means unbelievable. The Sox needed their rookie now. Game 7 in Boston against the Indians. Winner goes to the series. Loser goes home.

Dice-K would put together the start he needed to--holding the Indians to only two runs over five innings. But it would be rookie Dustin Pedroia who would launch his team into the World Series. Going 3-5 and driving in five runs, two coming on a huge and rare homer over the Monstah. People want to talk salaries when the Sox win. In fact, they also want to talk salaries when the Sox lose. That's fine. On Sunday night, it was the youth of the team that propelled the Sox forward. Matsuzaka, Okajima, Pedroia, Ellsbury (all rookies), Youkilis and Papelbon would be the core of the Sox team that would put eleven runs on the board and suffocate Indians' offense. It makes it that much sweeter.

I've heard alot about Colorado's momentum going into the Series--having won 21 of their last 22 games. Yep, that's impressive. But I would contend that winning three straight after being down 1-3 to the best team in the league is momentum. And, along the way, the Sox would absolutely crush two of the league's five 19-game winners (Carmona and Sabathia) and would outscore the Indians 30-5 in the last three games. Let's talk momentum.

Rocks and Sox. If you think I'm looking for Series tickets in Denver, you're damn right. 11 o'clock this morning, tickets go on sale for the games in Colorado. Let's see if I can make it happen. I'd say my chances are slim, but it won't dissuade me from trying.

It's a Mobb Deep day. Don't fake the funk.

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