Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, Cody's leaving the office life for a job in Guymon (yep, that's Oklahoma, folks) turning manure into helium. I don't know much about the job except that he'll be a plant operator and it's helium. Whaddya want from me? Needless to say, the decision took us all a little by surprise, but he's also got him a little buddy (female) up there that he wants to be closer to. Now, it starts to make a little sense. I've only met her once. Nice girl. All the boys feel, though, like Cody's embarrassed of us because, well, he's always keeping us separated. Whatever. Cody, we know there's nothing going on in Guymon, so we'll see you all the time. Nonetheless, I would be remissed if I didn't send you off in a fitting manner. Like Rory before you (our fallen brother who moved to Dallas), you'll miss many things about your boys, but you'll yearn the most for those Tuesday lunches at Sharkey's. Sharkey's is a fine establishment where guests can build their own burrito. I'm a black-bean-ground-beef-tons-of-onions-tons-of-cilantro-pico-monterey-jack-green-chile-drenced-in-spicy-ranch-topped-with-black-pepper-rolled-into-jalenpeno-and-cheddar-tortilla burrito kinda guy. Roasted medium salsa on the side.
It's ritual for the emails to begin bouncing around at about 10:15 or so for 11:30 departure (to beat the crowd, of course). The emails used to simply be "11:30" in the subject line and nothing else, but then Angry Tim began getting a bit more creative with the setup. We all then followed suit. You'll find that, in the end, it would be Cody who would trump us all.

It started as jokes basically where one would search ____________ shark or shark _________ on Google and look for the best "shark" picture. Sometimes, it would be complimented with text and, other times, the picture alone said it all.

The following pic was the earliest that could be found. An obvious pick to kick it off. "Land Shark" from the old SNL skit with Chevy Chase. Angry Tim's account was, "I believe it was this photo with the text, 'Chevy's hungry.'"

The following series is from actual emails between the boys--text included--ending with the best ever from our boy Cody.

Angry Tim: "A burrito may eat me today."

Angry Tim: "Get it!"

j3" "The time is nearing."

Mayhem: "S.O.B., I have a meeting at 11, but I'll tell them I have another appointment at 11:30. Then, if they no, I'll be like:"

Mayhem: "Then I'll be like:"

Angry Tim: "11:30" Mayhem: "Yes, then..."

Angry Tim: "Dudes...we gotta eat at Sharkey's this week..."

j3: "I'm in. I'll just need a place to dock."
Angry Tim: "This is how hungry I already am."
j3: "So hungry."
Angry Tim: "Wyrick? Don't make the happy shark sad..."
Angry Tim: "11:30"
Angry Tim: "I can't even explain this one."

Mayhem: "This guy can't either, by the way, nice shark with legs...I'm in."Cody (after telling us he couldn't because he had lunch with his lady on the last day for Sharkey's with the boys at, of all places, Red Lobster): "I am sorry, I just don't want the Sharkey Shits!"
And now, the funniest one ever. No one has a clue where Cody found this picture, except for the caption near the bottom that reads, "" Cody, for real, I just don't wanna know. This would describe the very best of Cody's graphic design skills. It's a little rusty, but it'll get better with time. Either way, it achieved it's purpose.

Cody: "Who's ready for the after Sharky's party?"

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