Friday, October 24, 2008


It's just necessary for me to point out this morning before I go about my busy day which will end with a drive down to Midland for my nephew's first birthday (whaddup, Park?) that the Bar-Kays were absolutely sick. After working on the De La mix, the Cypress mix, the Gangsta mix and now the Office Party mix, I'm convinced that the Bar-Kays were the baddest thing coming back in the day. I'm listening to "Jiving Around" which is actually on the Del mix that I'm working on and these dudes were just crazy ill. They would just ooze greatness on every track and, little did they know, that what they were doing would later lay the foundation for some of the greatest hip hop we'd ever know.

Dude talk about the JB's, Parliament/Funkadelic, the Meters, Sly...all dem. But mentioning the Bar-Kays immediately puts you in the funkiest of circles, I'm convinced. Did lunch with Babu from the Dilated Peoples who was in town for our convention and we spoke briefly of the Bar-Kays after he mixed "Humpin'" into his set. From that conversation, I've begun immersing myself in their music and I gotta tell ya, these dudes were ill.
Tragedy struck the young band back in 1967 when, on their way to backing Otis Redding at a Wisconsin show, their plane crashed into Lake Monona killing Redding, four members of the Bar-Kays and managers. The only survivor was trumpeter Ben Cauley who would march on to reform the band with bassist James Alexander. They would later be the backing band for Isaac Hayes' seminal Hot Buttered Soul.
I'm up on a Friday morning talking about the Bar-Kays. What are you listening to?
C'mon, kid, you're col slippin'. You need to do the knowledge, homie.

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