Monday, October 20, 2008


Yeah, we couldn't quite pull off the "greatest comeback in baseball history" again. We did, however, give it a good run. We ran into a kid named Matt Garza who has a pretty tasty fastball (and oddly wears earplugs to block out the home crowd--what the?). Rays are a good squad, indeed, but I'm a sore loser and have problems handing out compliments so I'll just stop there.

Gotta love the Sox, though. Now the crafty veterans of the league not because we're old, but because we win consistantly, the Sox were on the verge of elimination only seven outs away from packing up and end up getting two more games...forcing last night's Game 7. Only eleven teams have forced a Game 7 after being down 1-3 or worse in baseball history and this team has done it three of those times in the last four years. This team never gives up. Last night, we ran into a wall. We beat the best team in the league in the Angels and lost in seven to the second best team in the league. I'll take it. Why are there domes in Florida? Even the Mariners play outdoors.

Check out this gem of a jaded and lonely Seattle Mariners fan proclaiming his unrelenting hate for the Red Sox after we went down 1-3 in this Series. For some reason, I see Tampa Bay fans experiencing the same emotion. I mean, with one good year for the franchise, I don't see many people who actually love the Rays as much as Floridians who just hate the Yankees and Red Sox. Of course, I can understand what it feels like losing at the hand of a menacing giant for decades. Anyhow, back to this gem. Dude is just angry at the Sox because he has an inferiority complex and acute mental illness. Listen how his delusional state leads him to metaphors between sports and post-9/11 America. He hopes our loss "stings" and that Red Sox fans just "give up." Not likely, bro. He also said we could push a Game 6, but there's no way we'd force a Game 7. Bet he was crapping his pants last night.

While we're talking sports, my trashy next door neighbor (not the one with the clay armadillo in his front yard) follows University of Texas football quite closely. Actually, both of my neighbors do, but I'm speaking specifically of the drunk one to the north. On Saturday, just before the Longhorns took on the Missouri Tigers, he rolled out his new altar to his favorite football team.

Now this thing stands about five feet tall and, as a reminder that I live closer to the trailer park than I do to the gated community, this drunk retard puts it out in front of his house just outside of the front door. Such frivolous spending during these bleak economic times suggests a few things about this drunk Longhorn fan, but one thing I've noticed to be true after a few years in the Yellow (where UT is the obvious college team of choice), those who go to college, root for the college they went to. Those who didn't go to college are UT fans and buy crap like inflatable steers and five foot wide window decals for their vehiculars.

I'm a Texas Tech fan because I was born and raised in Lubbock and went to college there.

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TX said...

Nice observation on Longhorn fans. I concur. People that didn't go to college (or whose college didn't have a football team...but rather a foosball team) generally root for UT or a&m if they live in Texas. Tech is not the "in" pick...any more than the Rays. They don't have a storied history (UT) nor do they embrace a plethora of stupid traditions that are totally ridiculous (a&m).

Sorry about your sox. Well, not that sorry since I was rooting for the Rays, but congrats to them for heading to the WS after only 10 years in existence. Cubs should be there. Still ticked and bitter.