Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've finally had enough of McCain and his tiny arms (queue Creed's "With Arms (kinda) Wide Open"). I'm ready for this election to bury this guy's campaign and his four-eyed freak of a VP once and for all. I'm ready for Joe the Plumber to, actually, go plumb as opposed to campaigning for McCain. I made the mistake of questioning Joe's credentials in front of sleeping right-wingers and I almost lost my head. I guess I was wrong and he wasn't just hired by the Repubs as a hood ornament for their taxation plan. Well, his check from the RNC will help will help with the $250K+ tax that Obama's gonna hit him with. And, c'mon Joe, you're doing a lot better than most Americans if you're buying a company with annual revenues of $250,000. Especially for a guy who is not a licensed plumber (allegedly) and already owes back taxes (allegedly). Might want to be current in your taxes before you try and slam a presidential nominee in public for, of all things, a tax plan.

Obama's delaying the World Series tonight for his 30-minute infomercial. Not sure if that's the best move for least in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania's a battleground state delaying coverage of the Phillies in the World Series certainly doesn't help his cause. You're saying, "But j3, Florida is a battleground state as well." Yeah, but I think he can afford the 25 votes coming from Devil Ray Nation. This is just further proof that no one cares about this World Series. No one cares. I heard that Game 3 sphinctored off the third-lowest ratings in World Series history. Guess as good of a story as the Devil Rays are (allegedly), tied 1-1 with the Phillies just isn't intriguing enough to hold an audience.

Tech's got Texas this weekend and, once and for all, we'll see how this team holds up against a true contender, in fact, number one in the nation. Longhorns are stout, indeed, but I gotta like Tech's chances. They can't field a better team and their place kicker is a walk-on who won a kicking contest for a free month's rent. Turns out he'll probably get his school paid for as well and will play in ESPN/ABC's Game of the Week on national television. Upgrade. I'll be watching from a sports bar in Taos where I'll be spending the weekend. Good thing because I'm surrounded by moron Longhorn fans (who barely graduated from high school) who might push me to the brink. I'll throw this out there: Tech wins 49-42 and take over #3 in the nation on Monday.

The NBA's back and the C's beat Lebron and the Cavs, 90-85. Aw yeah.

I was out sick yesterday, but baby I'm back. I love each and everyone of you in a very special way.

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