Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Don't get me wrong, I love me some playoffs and I'm proud of my boys for scooting their way in, but it wouldn't be possible to find a gnarlier time of year for a playoff series that starts on the West Coast at 9PM tonight. Geez.

And it's against the Angels.

Paskins' Tigers couldn't lock out the White Sox. Paulie's Twins couldn't even score a run against them. Ron's Mets flopped again. And the Rays are about to be exposed for the team they really are. Let's see what they're made of. Cubs vs. Sawx in the Series...let's go.


TX said...

Lay off the Rays, man. They earned it. They've been giving the baseball world the proverbial finger all year. They're the product of idiots in Florida thinking there's a market for baseball down there (probably the same guys who thought the Nationals were a good idea) and they won in the toughest division in the AL. If they lose in the what? Nobody gave them a prayer of ever winning in that division. They're payroll is in the bottom 20% in the league, yet they kept racking up W's. I'm not a Rays fan, but I would contend that it's better for baseball to have an unexpected well in the mix. Just give them some credit. Everybody said they'd falter down the stretch and what did they do? They outlasted the vaunted Sox and got it done.

That being said...I'm just hoping my boys don't go out and poop they're pants again tonight. Let's hope Good Big Z and not Evil Big Z takes the mound tonight. I think I'm having heart palpitations.

sarah wyrick said...
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TX said...

That does it. Until next Spring, screw the Cubs. I'm jumpin' on the Rays bandwagon for the remainder of the post-season...mainly because they are the only team that I could stand to see win at this point. Hope this doesn't put us too much at odds, but I'm out of options. Freakin' ridiculous.