Friday, October 10, 2008


I've had no reservations in my love for Hall and Oates in the past and those of you that know me know this. There's no salt-and-pepa duo who had a longer string of hits in the history of pimpin'. I mean, these dudes were just hawd. Often discarded as a pop hit from the eighties, there's no mistaking Daryl Hall's vocal supremacy and Johnny Oates' wrote the sultry backdrop which would launch these two into the stratosphere.

I'll take Daryl Hall against any cat out there. From "Sarah Smile" to the H&O Stairway "She's Gone," from covers like "Everytime You Go Away" (which absolutely slaughters the original, yo) to "You've Lost that Loving Feeling," (not to mention the uber-explosive "I Can't Go for That" and "Maneater"), Hall and Oates made an imprint in the both pop and soul music that is undeniable. I mean, who else would be the inspiration for this Etch and Sketch masterpiece?
Check out this video for the classic "She's Gone." What a masterful mastery of lip sync. This was back when Daryl was more Ziggy Stardust-slash-vampire-slash-eyebrowless woman-slash-col' pimp, but dude still wore it well.

Sox and Rays go tonight. Busting at the seams, here. Rays are talking in the press like their owed the AL Championship. Pretty confident team. Sox are almost saying nothing. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. We'll know tonight. Six pack of choice for tonight's clash: Sierra Nevada.

It's not often I do a product endorsement anymore, but I got a pair of Skullcandy headphones to demo and these things are insane. The low end is phenomenal and is better than any headphone I've ever used. The fit tight on the head and eliminate any outside sound or chatter. I'm taking them where ever I go and, who knows, maybe you can borrow 'em--but just for a second. If you love your music, you'll love Skullcandy headphones. Their big with snowboarders, but also with aging hip hop heads like me.

Preparing the De La mix already. You ain't ready. The process already is one of appreciation and deep study. Prince Paul was/is a beast. Those first three De La records are among the greatest that hip hop has ever heard. Do the knowledge.

Man, you gotta love Fridays. Go listen to some Hall and Oates today and love your neighbor. All this fear and Depression-talk got us all down. They ain't takin' my spirit, though.


K-Fleet said...

Your blog prompted me to get on You Tube and research Sara Smile. Renditions range from Brain McKnight to Joan Osborne to Boyz II Men to After 7. I like the original, but I think After 7 killed it and opened up a new door of listeners back in 1997.

j3 said...

If you mean "killed it" as in "absolutely ruined," yep, they sure did.

Thank you for ruining my morning.

I still like you, homie.