Thursday, October 23, 2008


Been up since 3AM. It's now 4:30 and I've decided to just do that damned thing.

You know, I really only do this now about once a month. It was beginning to be a twice or, worse, thrice a month issue, but my body's resting much better after kicking back on the coffee. All this economy talk has got me rattled. I'm not really sure why. Maybe I'm just giving in and believing that the economy which, as Bill Hicks would say, isn't even real anyway is truly wrecked beyond repair. I mean, money is money and most of it ain't real anyway. And the US Mint, in hard times, just prints more. If we can make money, what's the problem? Obama wants to redistribute the wealth and we know how that gets rich Republicans' panties in a wad. Socialism? Yeah, maybe. Then, at the same time, I don't know anything right about rich muddahs getting richer in times like this. As a kid, I always used one thing thing to differentiate Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are rich and want to stay rich and Democrats want that cash. I just remember all the rich neighborhoods growing up had BUSH signs and all the poor-to-middle class neighborhoods had DUKAKIS signs. Back then, Dems wanted that nice Republi-bank to support stupid initiatives like alternative fuels, you know, running a car on vegetable oil and sunlight and curbing the deteriation of our natural resources. Stupid Dems. Why on earth would we ever want to stop using gas?

I don't really get wrapped up in the notion of Obama being an icon for change and hope. I'm not quite that naive anymore. But, at that same time, this whole system is broken. We got a war that just won't end, a resulting recession is resting in on top of us, banks are falling, the housing market is ruined and the Red Sox are watching Tampa Bay drop a turd on their carpet against the Phillies in the World Series. Now, Obama might not put the Sox back in the Series (but he might get the Cubbies there), but I'm fed up. My lovely wife and I were talking last night about the war and how cats are coming home with post-traumatic stress disorder and how our government is nowhere ready for the tens of thousands of troops who will, hopefully, be coming home soon and will be needing psychological and psychiatric assistance. And we have a country fixated on "victory" and how we can't pull out now because we haven't won. Are we so proud as a country that we're willing to sacrifice human life to win a war that can't be won? Can it be won? Obama might not be the answer, but do I buy, for a second, that this cat is gonna change the game?

I'm hearing now, locally, how people are stealing/defacing political signs here in town. We've clearly lost our minds. It's like adults playing capture the flag. People need to get a grip.

You know, if we are in a recession, I like my chances of survival more than the next cat. I was born for economic survival. I live in the dark, ride my bike to work and eat chicken, spinach and eggs. Of course, I have a mortgage which kinda throws a wrench in the plans.

I had an idea the other day. A rarity. We put scales at the gas pumps and your price depends on the weight of your automobile. That way, cats still driving Hummers and Executioners will have to pay, say, $5.00 a gallon and dudes like myself just filling up my little Civic, can get $1.50 gas. There's a redistribution of wealth. With all the retards driving Ford F150's, I bet the national average would still be about $3.50 a gallon.

I'm feeling good about this ski season. There's already snow hitting the plains about a two hours north of the Yellow. I just want three days on a mountain this year. I'm thinking Taos in January or February.

Hip hop still sucks in 2008. In the meantime, I'm looking a few different concepts for my next mix. I could tackle De La Soul is Dead which is already planned or go ahead and rip this Christmas mix out for all your holiday parties. I also have a money mix in light of the economic panic. Last option is my breakdown of Del's I Wish My Brother George was Here. Any preferences?

I just decided that the only fundamental difference between me and my lovely wife is this: coffee.

I've committed to having the official The Root Down shirts ready for Christmas gifts. There'll be two different prints--the lowrider design and the bongos design. I'm just looking for a shop good enough to print these beauties up.

It's Halloween again. Which means the only option for women is to dress like prostitutes. My lovely wife and I went out to the costume store to check out the scene this year and I'm truly amazed how everything for the ladies is like underwear in different colors. You could be a sexy bumblebee and it's essentially yellow and black lingerie. Or you could be a sexy police woman and it's blue-grey lingerie with a nightstick to accessorize. The expectations for women are a little unfair. Dude's just show up in regular street clothes and they get a pass, but if a woman shows up at a party in anything other than panties and a bra, dudes are like, "What? You're not dressing up this year?"

Same rules for Halloween trick-or-treaters this year. Peep the list here.

There's something amazing about TBS airing old "Saved by the Bell" episodes at six in the morning.

It's Thursday and I love everyone of you in my own little way. Today would be a good day for you to get into Ultramagnetic MCs. Just trust me on this one.


sarahsmile3 said...

The women's costume scene is disturbing. They sell the lingerie type costumes in plus size! We can't all wear bikinis and we certainly cant all wear a thong and a red bra and call it "sexy devil". I have been making my costumes for years in an effort to thwart this bullshit. Showing a little cleavage is ok, in my book, but the whole package is another story. In the absence of creativity you will find sexuality....or straight out sluttiness.

j3 said...


well put.