Wednesday, October 15, 2008


...but we might have them right where we want them. We're down 1-3 against the Devil Rays in a 7-game series. If you're sharp at mathematics, that would mean that we're one loss away from packing up our panty drawer and going home. The Devil Rays have hit ten home runs in the last three games which is the only time in franchise history that they've hit that many home runs in three consecutive games. In short, they're hot. They've scored 31 runs in the last three games on one of the stronger pitching staffs in the game. But in a brief review of recent history, the numbers will show that the Sox, in three of the last four postseasons, have mounted improbable comebacks--two of which came seven-game series.

October 2003 (Division Series vs. Oakland A's): In a five-game series, Sox were down 0-2 and won three straight games to win the series only to have Aaron Boone and the Yanks catch a breeze on a knuckleball and eliminate us in seven games.

October 2004 (League Championship vs. Yankees): In a seven-game series, Sox were down 0-3 and one two outs away from elimination when we mounted the greatest comeback in sports history and won four straight games against the Yankees to win the series 4-3.

October 2007 (League Championship vs. Cleveland Indians): In a seven-game series, Sox were down 1-3 against the pesky Cleveland Indians when, once again, this team won three straight and beat the Indians 4-3 while outscoring them 30-5 in the last three games.

I can't say it's as possible as it was in 2003, 2004 and 2007 without Mike Lowell and a sturdy Josh Beckett, but Terry Francona's been here before. We throw Matsuzaka on Thursday, Beckett on Saturday and Lester on Sunday. Just look at it as sweeping a three-game series. That's it.

I know my brother is rooting for the Devil Rays which absolutely shakes me to my core to think of it, but whatever. He says it's a "better story." Didn't know he was a reader. Catch those De La Soul and Cypress mixes if you haven't already. Just scroll down. Wednesdays are for walking to work. I walked yesterday and got soaked with biblical rainfall. I think it's because it was Tuesday and not Wednesday.


TX said...

Whether it's a better story, a better team, or the only team left that I can stand to root for at this point, I am indeed rooting for the Rays. I would probably contend that the Rays have simply been a better team than the Red Sox this year. They got it done all year. Even when they lost Longoria for 30 games and Carl Crawford for 40+ games, they continued to play solid ball. They don't hit the most homeruns. They don't even hit for that great an average. But they win games...and when it comes down to it, they won more games than the Sox this year...and a division title. I suppose you may end up getting your wish from a couple of posts back...the Rays are being exposed for what they are...a winner.

j3 said...



i would say that, from experience, the day you win the AL east, you become the most hated team in professional sports. let the haterade flow.

TX said...

congrats on the win tonight. Papi finally came out of his coma. J.D.(L) Drew came up large and the cereal man got a great hit in the 8th. Still don't see them sweeping the next two games in Tampa, but if the Rays don't put them away on Saturday, they could be sorry. Good luck.

GO TECH! Quote of the year from the a&m Defensive Coordinator this week when asked what it would take for their defense to slow down Tech's offense: "Well, um...about 14 inches of rain in the first quarter would be very helpful."