Sunday, June 04, 2006


Youks is ready. Papi's ready. Manny's dreads are getting stanky meaning he's ready. Beckett's bringing his nasty stuff. It's Monday night in the Bronx. 6pm Central. Yankees' "ace" Mussina against the youngin Josh Beckett. Should be a blast. Especially considering that they're swapping first place in the AL East right now. Sox are up by a thin half of a game. This could be a huge series. Yes, I know it's only June, but trust me, these are the types of series that carry momentum. Also, it's a four game series as opposed to the typical three game set. And, lucky me, three of the four games are televised. Not so lucky for the wifey.

Papi betta get that bat swinging though. Dude's been atrocious lately. While I was on, I decided to bag on the Yanks because, well, it's second only to rooting for my beloved Sox and I'm done doing that for the day. Just tell me this, is the best shirt for a guy who had the heat of a steroid investigation on him to be wearing? Glory, it never ceases to amaze me.

All I can say, is dude's better be going down this series. Both teams have been playing too classy. It's time for guys to get dirty. Get bloody. And it's time to put PayRod down on the ground again.

Meanwhile, Jeter's still busy in his moments of reflection. He's such a "sensitive" fella.

Something peculiar I found out about everyone's favorite Spankee. He has his own store online at Geez, not even the Yankees have a store big enough for this guy's ego.

Alex decided now, on the j3 Spectacular, would be a wonderful opportunity to model his Simon Cowell look. Cute, Alexis. See you tomorrow night.

Spankee fans: come one, come all. I'm thinking about beer brauts and some Sam Adams. If you're down: my place at 6pm. Bring your own brew or wine coolers, as the case may be.

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