Saturday, June 17, 2006


Because of you, I've finally been put back in contact with the video that introduced me to Company Flow--possibly the most deeply impactful hip hop groups for me since maybe only De La Soul back in the late 80s.

The video is for "End to End Burners." I saw it one day back in 1999 on "Rap City" (yeah, I'm an old "Rap City" head) never to see again since. It was a transitional period for me musically. I was somewhere between my second hard hip hop phase and college rock. Altogether, I was confused. I was looking for a music to define me, to represent me. Something I could associate with. I searched for the track everywhere because it had such an impact on me. In the hunt, I happened along a little album called Funcrusher Plus, which, in turn, has since become one of my top ten hip hop records of all time, as you'll see later. The Run DMC cut in the middle, the noisy, chaotic almost Bomb Squad-esque production, Mr. Len scratching the record. Good Lord, what a incredible song. And the song is best listened to with the video. The graf spilling across the entire subway station, the b-boys on the train, the fast cuts, the security guard pop'n'lockin', the Bobbito cameo and the now-defunct Company Flow in all their glory. So now, without further adieu, I present to you the video, uncut and unedited, for "End to End Burners."

Act like you know.

So turn it up, sit back and enjoy.

And buy Funcrusher Plus if you ever see it. If you can't find it and want it, ask me. I have five copies of it. It's one of two records that I buy if I see it. It's habitual. I cannot see a copy of Funcrusher Plus and not buy it. Not because it's worth serious money, but because it's worth serious memories. And one day I'll start handing out those copies. Maybe save one for Thaddeus.

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