Sunday, August 06, 2006


Okay, I'm home.

I'm tired.


And not really for typing, but before I forget about it, I have to log a celebrity sighting at the Houston Airport. We arrive from Orlando and making our way to our next gate for the Yellow. We're waiting on the platform for the train-thang that'll take us to another terminal and I spotted him, frantically diggin' through his carry-on baggage and dialing on this cellular telephone. I was star-struck. I panic and begin whispering among my party so they could stand in awe with me (and also recognize that I spotted him first). Unfortunately for me, no one was too hip to him and no one recognized him as a celebrity. But, honest to God, it was him. I have no picture to prove it, but I would ask myself, "Would j3 really make this up?"

So who was it, you ask?

None other than the great Theo Von from Road Rules.

I know what you're thinking: he's not really a celebrity. He's just a reality television star. Well, if he's had more TV time than me that makes him a celebrity. Theo's doing stand-up now. Good luck to him. I've been pulling for him on the Fresh Meat competition on MTV, however, the season has not yet completed. I should've just walked to him and asked him who won. Another missed chance. He bolted for an open door on the opposite train and I lost him.

Oh well. Take my word for it.

I come home to find my beloved Sox down two games to the Bankees. It was bound to happen. Some key injuries have hit us hard of late. Here's to a better week for them.

More about my time in Orlando with the guarantee of an actual celebrity photo with, count 'em, two celebrities. And, yes, it's way awesome. Laters, folks.

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