Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Yeah, in the spirit of giving it to you on the real, I'm going ahead and making my appreciation for Justin Timberlake public before the new record hits. You will hear me playing it. And, after enough spins, you will hear me singing along. I just don't want it catching some people off guard. That new record's gonna be fire, b'lee dat.

Okay, I'm not just going to stop there. I liked the freaking first record. I mean, c'mon, "Rock Your Body," "Cry Me a River," "Like I Love You," the dude is an unstoppable hit machine. In fact, let's not stop there: I liked N'Sync. I liked them better than the Backstreet Boys. No contest! And, yes, I liked Justin most of all. Not in a Brokeback sense, just in a "Yeah, that's my boy, right there," sense.

Go ahead and hate. I just rather not have those skeletons in my closet because I know, before too long, they're gonna get out.

Don't front, folks. And fellas, watch yourself before you start namecallin'.

Lots of updates coming to The Root Down so act like ya know.


sarahsmile3 said...

why am I uncomfortable right now?

TX said...

Mmmm...uncomfortable. At the same time, I guess we're all allowed one "guilty pleasure" artist. I'm not altogether opposed to Kelly Clarkson. But considering his treatment of my lovely wife when Cameron was in the ER, I have a hard time giving him the props you do.

K-Fleet said...

Surprising, considering our Gnarls Barkley conversation. But hey, beat em to the punch and out yourself, so you aren't "that guy." :) Shoot, I still play Milli Vanilli like it's 1990.