Monday, August 07, 2006


Aight. So I've been out at an industry event in Orlando. Good time, but lots of meetings. While out there, like any industry event, there's entertainment provided by the attending labels. Sometimes it's up-and-comers (Lupe Fiasco, Scissor Sisters, Paulo (something or other), Corrinne Bailey Rae, Young Hot Rod), established artists (Jurassic Five, 50 Cent, Young Buck, Chuck D) or coming-backs (Grand Funk Railroad, Kool and the Gang (who rocked the house like a wreckin ball). Well, I'm not sure how you choose to categorize the following (although, I know where I'd slot him), but I had the distinct pleasure of attending an evening reception hosted by Absolut. Providing the song and dance that evening was someone who I had no idea I'd ever have the chance to meet. The one, the only Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block (or later NKOTB).

Yeah, dude was a pimp. It was a little weird, though. Because half of the crowd was cheering and singing along and the other half was just staring and laughing. I kinda fell in between, really. I mean, the dude's an entertainer, but hearing him do "The Right Stuff" was very Vegas and a little creepy. I have to believe it brings him incredible sadness to do that song and it takes everything in his body to hide the tears when he performs it. But, like a freaking vet, he went right into it. At the end of the song, I raised my arms in the air and belted out a boisterous "whooooo!" that I know someone has a photo of. I need to find that photo and have it destroyed. One photo, however, that I'm proud of I seized and am going to throw it up for your pleasure.

Check this piece:

I didn't really know what to do with my hands. I was thinking about throwing the rap hands up, but figured I was lucky enough to even get the chance so played it cool. I certainly didn't want to appear like I was making a mockery of him. I know he must get it all the time. That fella on the right, who most didn't recognize as he meandered helplessly through the crowd, is Jordan's handsome brother Jonathan. In case you need a point of reference, peep it.

Yeah, rollin' wit the big boys, that's right. I found it rather peculiar, however, that Jordan was rather leary of taking pictures with dudes. I mean, he had no problem with obliging a female with a picture, but when I walked up it was almost like he uttered the words, "Make it fast, dude." I imagine because he knew it was eventually going to end up on a blog surrounded by jokery. I decided to not additionally push him for an autograph and just left with what I got figuring it'd look excellent on The Root Down. And, boy, does it!

Lupe had to cancel because of an automotive accident. Jurassic rocked it like everyone knew they would. I was front and center for the whole performance surrounded by industry folks, drunk off their collective tails, attempting to head bob. It was kinda weird. I talked with Chali after the performance and we spoke of X-Clan, who they're touring with right now--just quickly professing our love for Professor X and Brother J. All were very nice and professional, as expected.

Corrinne Bailey Rae was remarkable. Such an incredible voice and her backing band was on point. Grand Funk Railroad was really old. That's all I can recall about that. Scissor Sisters played the awards dinner and, with their very flamboyant, very gay lead singer, managed to split the audience in two. I really enjoyed their performance, but admitting it to your co-workers was like walking right out of the closet. Here's a sampling:

"Man, the Scissor Sisters rocked."

"You really think so, huh?"

"Yeah, I mean, it was tight."

"Tight, huh?"

"Yeah. Tight. You don't think so?"

"Well, yeah, if you're into that sorta thing. I'm gonna go watch Sportscenter."

Dude, Kool and the Gang were a ferocious funk monster. They rocked it so freaking hard, I had to pinch myself a couple of times. That horn section was so loud I almost wet my drawers. When they went into "Jungle Boogie," I almost couldn't contain it. Don't front on Kool and the Gang, fool.

Aight, back to catching up. Enjoy your Tuesday.


TX said...

Nice to hear of all your star-gazing escapades. Thanks for the call during Jungle was a thrill. Hope is was as awesome for you when I called during the Bangles doing Hazy Shade of Winter.

j3 said...

equally awesome. some forget about the bangles, but they're my little eternal flame.

sarahsmile3 said...

OH MAN! If I were 12 again I would be soooo jealous of you getting to stand in between the night brothers!
Also, the scissor sisters are tight!!!
"Take yo mamma out tonight"

K-Fleet said...

I left a comment before the text was added, but maybe it was deleted. Anyway, I'd probably be one to sing along with no shame. NKOTB's Greatest Hits gets played at least once a year, good for road trips and reminiscing about old flames. Did Jordan belt out "I'll Be Loving You Forever" like he did back in the day, or has his voice started cracking?