Saturday, August 26, 2006


Some guys drove by and yelled, "Get a job!" Remember?

Well, today on the way home from my grandmother's house, I see a woman with her two kids wrapping tape around a sign, adhering it to street light. I think, "Here's my chance to get a little retribution." I mean, I'd have a problem if someone did to my mother and, yeah, she had her kids with her, but I wanted to know what it felt like to yell something from a passing car. I wanted to know the power you feel from such an experience.

I tell my lovely wife of my wishes and she states the obvious, "C'mon, she has her kids with her." Of course, that would suggest that if she didn't have her kids with her, I might be granted the opportunity by my lovely wife. I said playfully, "I don't care! I'll yell at them too! If they're old enough to talk back..."

And then my lovely wife says, "...they're old enough to sell crack."

Funniest thing my lovely wife has said in quite some time. She's much funnier when she's tired. That or she's much funnier when I'm tired. Maybe they're both true.

Either way, I thought it needed to be said. In the end, we took the high road and just drove by without incident. More on the fatigue later. There's a story behind that as well. Have a good weekend, folks. Now, go buy Wolfmother and threaten a friend into buying it as well. We need to get 'em over 250,000.


scumdog steev said...
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scumdog steev said...

I used to yell at kids when I'd drive by. Once, my pal Seth was driving and I saw these 2 kids with a kite. "DIE!" I yelled as we rolled by. Vugrin, who was in the backseat, almost busted a gut. I mean, it was funny, I guess, but it wasn't that funny.

Another time I was parked on 15th and Ave. X or so and I was walking to campus, when some lady yelled out her window, "Quit talkin' to yo-self!" I suppose I might have been talking to myself; I really don't recall.

j3 said...


I'm sure you erased every memory up to that point for those kids. That's when their lives began.

sarahsmile3 said...

I used to drive around in the old, black Fmx van and talk to people with a megaphone. Those were the days....
Now I yell "how'sitgoin" as I drive by construction workers.