Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Although old news, the Ramsey "killer" turned out to be just one big liar. Remember, you heard it here first. Just a dude looking for a free plane ticket from Thailand to Denver. Hope he spends a long time in jail because the dude really needs help, but you can't convince me he's a killer.

Chuck's heading to the gridiron. Turns out that the shirts have been such a success between the foul poles that we're going to attempt to take him to a new sport and see what he can do in 8-man flag football. Good thing it's not tackle or Chuck would chopping heads. Here's the treatment for the shirts.

Watched RockStar Supernova last night. I'll be preparing a post for that. Man, whatta weird phenomenon. I don't get it. I'll try and talk myself through it on another post.

The Yellow's very own KAMR news team was featured on in what can only be described as a laughable and shamefully accurate article. Check out the link:

This is our number one news team. Kinda in the same way that the Yellow's Wonderland which is really only a parking lot carnival that ended up staying claims in the advertisement to be "Texas' Greatest Amusement Park." Yeah, I suppose that's true until you go to Arlington, Houston or San Antonio. But who really thinks of those other amusement parks anyway. Maybe there's some terms I'm misunderstanding. Maybe those down south are considered "theme parks" and not "amusement parks" so maybe Wonderland is, in fact, the greatest. But that might be by default because they're also the only.

Justin's album is getting some pretty incredible early reviews. You're not ready. Trust me.

I still suck at bowling. I didn't even break 100 this weekend. I hate that game. But I still go. I suppose it's more for the beer and friends. No, it can't be the beer because it's overpriced light beer. It must just be the belonging. I also hate bowling alleys. I don't like the people who inhabit them. Talk about one of the weirdest sampling of humans, holy cow! I'll make a note to revisit that in a later post. I might need to go back to do a little research.

Alright, it's time to shower, ugh, and get ready for work. Happy Wednesday to all.

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