Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Despite not making, really, any moves at all before the trade deadline, the Sox managed to hold off a pesky Indian squad and stay up in the AL East by one game. After taking 6-5 lead in the fourth, Fat Ass Wells was left in by Francona (Grady Little II) and, to the very next hitter, gave up a three-run homer vaulting the Indians ahead, 6-8. Kyle Snyder was outstanding in relief of Wells by not allowing the Indians to get out any further and it set up what, well, anyone would expect these days in Boston--a game-ending Papi homerun. Number nine-hitter Alex Cora singles to lead of the bottom of the ninth. Youks walks. Loretta flies out and Papi takes a 2-0 pitch into the Boston night. Game over.

Big win for the Sox on the day of the trade deadline. I mean, things were starting to come undone. You had Trot go out with a wrist strain. Just last night, Varitek twisted his knee. Wells come back only to get shelled. And the Yankees are hard on our trail. But with our backs against the wall, Papi comes through.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Go Sawx.


TX said...

Wow...did you just call Terry Francona "Grady II"? Maybe over-stated...by a long shot. I'm going to assume you did that just for hyperbolic effect.

Erik Mann said...

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