Wednesday, August 16, 2006


"Where we goin', Thunder?"

What you see is exactly what $42,000,000 dollars looks like.

An unprecedented five game series begins on Friday between the Banks and the Sox in Fenway. Sox are down by two games. It's do or die for the Sox. They blow this series and you can kiss their playoff chances goodbye, I'm afraid. Our backs are against the wall, I gotta few beers in the fridge and, like Loverboy, I'm working for the weekend. We win three of five and we're down a game. We win four outta five and we're up a game. And if we sweep 'em, we're up by three, A-Rod receives a new orifice courtesy of ol' Steiners and Jeter can start looking for a nice fall vacation spot to blow his $20,000,000 on. Personally, I'd hire some private investigators to find out where his career has been hiding during game time.


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