Monday, October 09, 2006


I cut off my moustache and kept the beard this weekend. While at Home Depot I kept getting looks from people. Looks of empathy. Looks of sadness. Like, "We're sorry about what happened to your people." Folks, I'm not amish. I'm Texan.

Also, some of you may know the desk I've been hauling around since about 1994 or so. It's a gigantic, all-wood, 5' x 3' dinosaur of a desk. Well, ever since my lovely wife has known me, she's absolutely hated that desk. And she's always insisted that it was way too much desk for me. Well, this weekend, the desk is no more and sitting in a pile out by the trash cans. I decided that, if I couldn't take the desk, I wanted to take a "part" of the desk with me. That part would be the desk top (minus 20 inches off the length). I ripped the inch-thick top off the desk which had about three coats of paint on it, took it out to the garage, grabbed a handsaw and began going to town. The edge was jagged and certainly not a precision cut, but I had committed at this point so I used three stages of stripper to get most of the paint off and spent about three hours sanding it down from there. Let me tell you, it's beautiful. And much smaller. I've ordered four metal legs to attach to the bottom and that will be my desk. As for the remainder of my desk, well, I basically dismantled it, no, I destroyed it in the office and hauled it out the front door in about 25 different pieces. It is no more. The end of an era.

Got rain yesterday and, on the seventh day, meteorologist scored an astounding score of 90. I'm confused. This is an absolute mess. I don't understand.

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