Sunday, October 29, 2006


Without question the greatest coach in the history of basketball, Celtics' Red Auerbach died yesterday of a heart attack at 89 years old. He won a record 10 World Championships as coach of the C's which included an EIGHTpeat. Beat that, Coach Jackson. Red was known for lighting a cigar during the game when the Celtics had taken control of the game on way to a certain win. Meaning, if you saw this: were about to find yourself on the losing end of a Celtics ass whooping, whether you knew it or not. Being it was a heart attack, I would suggest that it was too many victory cigars over the years. Here's to good ol' Red and another fantastic year of Celtic basketball. We just gotta find a way of shaking "Golly Gee" Danny Ainge from the helm and get Larry Legend back in charge.

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