Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Watched "Intervention" the other night and because it's rare that I watch a television show with any regularity, I feel it's worth mentioning. Sunday night, the intervention was to be performed on Three Dog Night's lead singer Chuck Negron's son, Chuckie. Only a heroin addict named Chuck would name his kid, "Chuckie." Anyhow, the kid was really bad--he's been using for ten years plus. Sad story, indeed. Because his parents were using when he was conceived, he was essentially born already in a state of withdrawl. Wow. Talk about born under a bad sign.

This is really stupid because I'm going nowhere with this story at all. I just wanted to point out the uncanny resemblance between Chuckie Negron and Jane's Addiction's lead singer Perry Farrell. I figured I won't waste any more of you time.

Chuck yelling at Chuckie. Probably yelling, "Get off the dope, homie."

Another famous drug addict--just richer--Perry Farrell.

Certainly not my intent to make light of addiction, but it's Tuesday morning and I'm not in the mood to have a serious talk on heroin. Wish I could've found a better picture of Chuckie for the purpose of the comparison, but it's the best I could do.

The results from Monday are in and the local NBC affiliate scored a 92 on the weather predictions from Sunday evening with a total of 4 degrees difference for the day. The southwesterly wind was as predicted--steady and sometimes gusty. Supposed to be a carbon copy today. Average for this time of year is 77 degrees. We cracked 91 yesterday.

The madness has to stop. I want my winter this year.

And it's hard for us to get anything straight when you have two weathermen from the same station giving you different forecasts, but Matt Hines, the young whippersnapper in the mornings is insistant of leaving a chance of rain (or the raining icon) in for Wednesday as a cold front blows through. It wasn't there Sunday evening, but appeared on Monday morning then disappeared again for the Monday evening forecast then reappeared this morning. Man, Matt's straight gangsta.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the first freeze will be October 23rd at 2:10 in the morning. There's a big screen TV on the line. You heard it here first.

"The Bachelor" started last night. Had I been a single man, I would've never watched this, but since I'm not...I did. It's sad how women lose control of themselves when forced into these sort of situations. I realize they do not represent all women (and certainly not my lovely wife), but to see these women giggle like children and then, it's inevitable, they turn from kitten to catty and the claws come out. People need to get a grip. The dude ain't even that nice, I mean, he makes me look like Matt Lauer. Don't people think Matt Lauer's good looking?

Baseball playoffs begin tonight. Oh sunny day! Looks like Giambi's all juiced and ready to go.

Bill's Tigers will make the miracle run against the Banks. Here's to another early exit from the playoffs.


toadlift said...

I'm no expert, but I think Chuckie looks like he's in really good shape for a heroin addict. He must shoot-up along with a protein shake and a few sets of curls every morning.

j3 said...

I would agree. However, on the show, he looked horrible. He's been using for ten years shooting up sometimes up to 20 times a day.

I don't see how he's still alive.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Chickie is out of prison? Saw him in a rehab show on TV. Broke my heart to see how Chuckie suffered the consequences of Chuck's choices. Love Chuck. Keep up the great work as a sponsor.It is the hardest thing to stay off heroin. Most die.