Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Seems my post from a week ago was a little too early. Now I'm going to be out, but just until Saturday. Expect some nice updates on the other side of the weekend.

I heard a commercial on the radio today (go figure--an actual commercial on the radio!) claiming, "Take control of your future today and get started on a financially rewarding career in the exciting profitable radio business." Yikes. I can tell you, I worked radio and it sucks. Don't ever do it or you will become a deeply depressed individual isolated in your sadness. It's a horrible business to work in.

Diddy released another album of some sort today. I heard the expectations were pretty big for first week. Here's my prediction as of Wednesday evening: it will sell exactly 212,056 at SoundScan first week. I would say that's about 200,000 too many. You know, as much as I bitch about the industry in its incredible downward spiral, you'd think I'd be happy with a release scanning 200,000+ in one week. That is unless it's Diddy. Yes, I'm a hater. And, yes, he sucks. His music is the poison that kills hip hop. He makes nice slacks, nice suits and a good cologne (so I hear), but his music is terrible. Shaddup, Diddy. Just stop.

On the hip hop tip, the new De La mixtape, The Impossible Mission, is hot to death. Good listen. Better than I've heard from them in a while. I really appreciate what those dudes do, but they've fallen a bit short on the last couple of releases. Just get ol' Prince Paul back in the lab and you're gonna have heat that'll leave a burn for years. The dudes still got it in 'em. They just need a professor to help stir it up. But cop that De La if you see it. Nice listen.

Jackson the Super Beagle is super once again. He's recovering well from his chocolate hangover. Dude parties like a freakin rockstar, seriously. He slept all day and I confronted him about his problems and he just rolled over, called security and had me ushered off the property. I just don't know him anymore. But he ate a full bowl of food today and is well-hydrated. At least, that's what reporters are saying.

Moving tomorrow. I'm unplugging this rig in about three minutes. You all be good, have a splendid weekend and go listen to some De La Soul.

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