Thursday, May 26, 2005


This one sent to us by Mr. Mahan who thought it would be humorous to import my head onto a much smaller banjo player (that or he made my head a little too large) and then change the Sox "B" on my hat to a Spankee logo. Good work, Mahan. Found it funny enough to throw it up for all to see. I can hear "Dueling Banjos" being played by a toothless fetal-alcohol syndrome man-boy just lookin at this picture. And turquoise is simply not my color (insert mental note: get rid of any turquoise shirts in my closet). Good hand position on the left hand though.

Still waiting on that A-Rod picture. I'll follow up with my source today.

Oh, and an EXTREMELY tardy birthday wish for my lovely sister-in-law, Sarah. She doesn't know her eighties pop music, but she does know the proper amount of painkillers to administer to a drunk, injured and famous actress (who shall remain nameless) despite what her drunk, obnoxious and famous boyfriend suggests. We love you, Sarah!


sarahsmile3 said...

This one almost made me spew my diet coke all over the monitor.

yellowhoodie said...

i think you look great in turquoise and i like the matching watch you are wearing ... ATTA-BOY Mahan !!!!!