Sunday, May 15, 2005


Man, this record is a beast. I really didn't like it as much as Personal Journals the first time I heard it, but given about 15 listens over this last week, I was convinced of it's greatness. Sage Francis is a rare breed in this day of hip hop--one part seasoned battle cat, one part beatnik and one part cocky elitist--the gruffy grandfather of hip hop--even if only in his late 20s. But to hear him on record is an definitely different hip hop experience--it always has been. For that reason, many have dismissed him as a fifteen minute fad of hip hop's underground while others have outrightedly accused him for the downfall of hip hop as we know it. Either way, Sage never ceases to spark thought, emotion and even inspiration. Distrust is a monster--moving between viciously tenacious and quietly somber to jostle the listener for the duration. From beginning to fin, Sage is like a disturbed and rattled animal victoriously breaking from the locks of his cage to bring havoc to those who have beaten him down in year's past. And like a ferocious pit bull with clinching jaws, no matter how hard you cry and how loud you scream, he won't stop until bones pop. Haters, keep hating--Sage is finally getting paid.

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