Wednesday, May 11, 2005


At home today, sick as a dog. Sinus problems, my back's killin me. Think I'm falling apart. Don't know what it was. I don't get sick all too often and if less often does it make it so difficult to go to work. Anyway, there's very little that happens when I am sick beyond drinking gallons of water and watching a lot of daytime television. Man, now I know why I work. I got Family Feud, people cooking, Little House on the Prarie, 10 Best Hotels in the World, some old Western, more people cooking, Design on a Dime, Tony Little rocking some excercise equipment, man, I can hear my braincells leaving me. Wait, police videos on A&E. Hmm. It's not COPS, but something of the nature. A&E to the rescue--it'll work for a while. I can't believe people watch this crap all day long. I know I watch some really horrible programming (mainly because my wife tells me so), but this 9:00 block is the very definition of cable wasteland. Probably should just go back to sleep. Well, there's always Sportscenter, but I already watched it four times over the course of my sleepless morning. Anyhow, hope everyone's having a better day day than I. I'll be back in the swing of things tomorrow hopefully. I'm going to try and nail this out with fluid, rest and Vitamin C--the old fashion way.


sarahsmile3 said...

I feel for you...Dale and I have both been dealing with sinus problems for the last couple of days.
I could not eat anything during that time (no appetite) but I think I am better because I just took down 1/4 bag of salt and vinegar chips. Now my mouth burns.

Tommy Davis said...

the only thing that blows worse than day time TV is the local news. I would love to read what you have to say about our lovely news outlets in Amarillo. I have a drinking game that I play while watching the local news (any of the 3). I take a shot everytime there is a mess-up (dropped line, studder, look at the wrong camera, etc.) I am usually blind drunk by the time sports rolls around and I am glad, most of these ass-hats are just want to be ESPN jockeys who think that b/c they have the air time they are Chris Berman or have to associate each play with some abstract reference that no one gets. Any-who, Please tear them a new a-hole, I hate them so much, Dont do it for me, do it for America