Monday, May 09, 2005


This was one of my most awkward rap hands moments because, well, Vast Aire (of Cannibal Ox--wake up, dummies) is a fairly large fella, as you can see. It's especially difficult to pop the hands up against a guy so large without looking like Joe C.

So what I opted to do did with Vast Aire in hesitation (of Cannibal Ox who recorded a superdef record called Cold Vein back in 2001, produced by El-P) is, instead of throwing the typical "sideways scissors" or "Westsiiiiiiiiide!" move

(because Cannibal Ox, who Vast Aire is a member of, rep New York to the fullest), I opted for the "point". Sure, many might accuse me of looking a little starstruck (as the "point" will often make one look in pictures), but I figured it was probably better to not act like we go way back, like we went to grade school together. By implementing the "point," you're saying, "Hey look! It's Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox fame and he's HUGE!" I can't really explain the facial expression here although it completes the statement by saying, "Yeah, dude, b'lee dat." One day, you might find yourself in a similiar situation. Don't be afraid of the "point". Sure, it's unconventional, but sometimes it satisfies the moment.

Buy the Cannibal Ox record Cold Vein at your local Hastings.


todd said...

God help us look like an idiot.

sarahsmile3 said...

You look like you are snugglin' up to the man.
Me likes.

j3 said...

yeah, i don't recall being so close to him, but it looks like i'm resting my head on his shoulder.

Porksoda9 said...

yeah, give him a kiss why don't yah!

T-Rabbit said...

Hey Jeff,

Is it okay to do rap hands with non-rapping musicians, or is it a social faux-pas? For example: Having one's picture taken with Ozzy or Willie Nelson.


j3 said...

interesting question, bunny. as i remember it, it's difficult to pull it off with non-rappers. use precaution because rap hands might be unwelcome around certain parties. with willie, you could throw a "westsiiiide" and just explain to him that it's "w" for "willie". of course, ozzy throws rap hands without even knowing it. very compelling question. if you wanna do something, but are not sure, you can always employ the presidential (and kinda prude) "thumbs up" as best exhibited by bill clinton.