Tuesday, May 03, 2005


A youngin in Clovis, NM was suspected of bringing a rifle to school. Yeah, scary situation. But when the school officials questioned the student about his supposed "weapon," they found it was no weapon at all. In fact, it was a 30" burrito wrapped in foil.

Now, with all due respect to the hard-working news teams out there, I think we're missing the real news story here. Not that we don't want our kids to be safe or that we don't want to keep a watchful eye on what's coming into our schools, but I think the real story is: WHERE ON EARTH DO YOU BUY A 30-INCH BURRITO AND WHAT TIME DO THEY OPEN?

The following gas face is for all cable networks for NOT TELEVISING THE CELTICS/PACERS GAME TONIGHT. ESPN is showing professional athletes attempting to bowl and ESPN2 is airing a college baseball game. Guess I'll crack that 6 pack on Thursday night, I mean, unless there's other sports more important than the NBA playoffs.

ESPN and ESPN2, here's your gas face:


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j3 said...

big words...cannot process...dale, please help me with this one.

sarahsmile3 said...

ha ha, I will try to make Dale read your blog. Wish me luck thoug, because he does not read the one written by his wife.
Who is this thought & humor?
Oh, also...you should allow anonymous comments on your blog. It makes it more interesting.

sarahsmile3 said...


scumdog steev said...

looks like comment spam to me. relatively lame comment spam, sure, but still spam.

the problem with anonymous comments is that you open yourself up to lots of porn/drug/real estate ads. actually, i'm not sure how good blogger's spam filters are, but my blog used to get oodles of that crap.

and that's a fine question about the 30" burrito. man, that sounds good.

webduke said...

Dude I'm lost on this one. Looks like horoscope verbage to me. Thanks for your apology earlier--I didn't see the image but I'm sure I would have been offended.

Webduke Blogabilly

j3 said...

oh, dale...that freaking picture...man, it gets a laugh everytime. 1 out in the ninth, sox lead by one.