Monday, May 02, 2005


Me and my boy are tight. So when he dropped by the office for some tips on how to hit it off with the ladies, I told him to never forget the RAP HANDS. Ladies like the men to be sensitive, bring flowers, maybe even cry a bit. But once you pull out the rap hands, it gives you that street edge that sets you apart from most loverboys. It says, "I know the moves. I'm hip hop. I'm down. But I can slow it down for the ladies." He wasn't convinced at first, but then I provided examples of good rap hands: Snoop, Em, Puffy, hell, even Justin Timberlake will throw a rap hand out there and they ALL get mad honeys--and sell alot of records. Here he is with his first attempt and a dandy at that. With four fingers, it's difficult to represent and makes it impossible to claim a gang affiliation, but you can always do what he does below, just throw the open hand up with the fingers close together, palm down and wrist slightly bent. He'll get it soon.

everybody's got something to hide, except for me and my monkey Posted by Hello

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