Friday, May 06, 2005



I'm a little late, but friends, please join me in wishing Danny (The Original 50 Cent or City Fence because of copyright issues) a very happy 28th. We're getting old, son! Here he is Halloween, 2004 dressed up as, you guessed it, Fiddy himself. Sure, Danny's not black , nor has he sold a g'zillion records, nor is he flexing that gangsta gap in his teeth or the 9 holes in his torso, but peep the chain, the hat and that Lubbock sizzurp, Keystone Light. That's my boy--straight slummin'.

Danny, happy birthday, bud. Better late than never. You know real gangsta's never rush. Haha. We'll catch up over a cold one.

Going to mow the lawn. Have a good weekend, everyone.


sarahsmile3 said...

Oh, Danny boy! I can't wait to celebrate your b-day with you (a month late). We can do it up O.G. 50 style. Hey, you can have a pimps and ho's b-day. I would not have to change my wardrome that much....and neither would you.

sarahsmile3 said...

By "wardrome" I meant "wardrobe". Damn Michelob Ultra!

Anonymous said...

i appreciate the shout out. now we can look forward to the b-day bash on the 21st of may. hope to see you all there. no one has to change a thing about our wardrobes, we are all pimps and ho's at heart.

j3 said...

word, danny. word.

Anonymous said...

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