Sunday, May 15, 2005


After suffering from some sort of spinal-sinus-digestive-respritory funk (in that order), I'm alive and kicking. So much, I did some yardwork today which is a huge improvement from two days ago. Man, good thing I don't get sick often. Yanks are starting to play pretty good baseball. Congrats guys, now you're actually earning part of those inflated salaries. Of course, 8 straight wins still only gets them to .500, but Baltimore and my beloved Sox are gonna have to start payin attention. Sorry, back to my week. Managed to make it to work on Friday and get some work done. It'll make Monday a bit more bearable. I can't remember the last time I missed two consecutive days to illness. Whatever it was that sidelined me, I hope I never see it again. If I do, I'll go to a doctor (whimp). Sorry, what water, Vitamin C and rest can't conquer, better take it to the professionals. Decided to muscle it around a little yesterday by playing ball for a couple of hours--probably not the best move, but a little exersion never hurt no one. Finished it off by sharpening my teeth on a HUGE chicken fried steak last night with sides of cole slaw, mac and cheese, whole kernel corn and mash potatoes. Oh yeah, had some cornbread too. I think my stomach shrank to almost half it's normal size this last week with my lack of appetite because I only finished about half of the meal. Good thing because if I had managed shovel all that food down my gully, I'd sure be hurting today. Good ol' Boy Clint from East Texas pulled through today with his fiancee Deslyn. Good to see them both. Alright, to prevent me from rambling, I'm gonna end it now and wrap up some laundry. Everyone have a fine week.

Yankees suck. Still.

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yellowhoodie said...

i'm glad to see that you were able to make it out to the 5 man team softball practice (maybe thats why we are still undefeated?) ... and that your feelinging better ... your still a funny mother farmer, sick or not!

all though i want to, i'm not commenting on the yanks ... dont want to ruin any of my fun !!!