Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Let me just do every customer a huge favor and disspell a common misconception. When you threaten to tell the president of the company, most associates shut down mentally. Here's why: usually when someone is pushed to that level of unhappiness, there's nothing that can be done to remedy the situation. So with it already being a lost cause and, since again, the associate is getting paid hardly anything anyway, do you think he/she is actually going to care about you telling the president of the company? What the customer is wishing and hoping for here is the president of the company will magically appear out of a small lamp like a Genie and fire the associate on the spot and then give the customer some sort of compensation for their hardship so that they'll come back next week and harass another associate. And, for the associate, this is sometimes best-case scenario because then they don't have to finish their shift and can go look for another poor-paying job helping jerk customers. This will, normally, get a response from the manager of the joint because, well, he's got more on the line, but remember that any compensation that comes out of these situations is really just something to get you to shut up and leave to the glaring eyes of every associate in the store. Another reason this is very ineffective and usually results in poor customer service is this is commonly an idle threat. These instances are rarely reported to the president of the company and even more rarely result in any sort of action. Store associates know this. So, my advice, use that breath use would use to spout off idle threats and, like every normal human, calmly and politely voice your dissatifaction and be gone and stop fishing for freebies like a bottomfeeder.

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