Sunday, May 01, 2005


I've noticed recently that my street has become quite the drag for our friendly neighborhood mod squad. You see, as I grow older, I'm not as privy to the new toys out there, but I noticed these new little scooters that kids are riding. Like Mini-bikes. All day long (even on weekdays, sometimes--do these kids not go to school?!) you hear this buzz going up and down my street and I'm freaking tired of it.

I figure if they're sharing the streets with me on a motorized vehicle, then it should require a license. I mean, even my tiny Boggs the Honda Civic would obliterate one of these little maggots if they mistakenly swung in front of my bumper at even half the legal speed limit. I don't know who is gonna help me in my cause, but we gotta take the power back. I'm calling up Ponch. We're taking it back like Leif Garrett.

How we gonna kick it? Gonna kick it

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scumdog steev said...

leif garrett is the shiznit. i used to have a leif t-shirt. it said, "i feel the need, leif garrett."

it disappeared, back when my mom used to do my laundry. she never liked that shirt. i think she was jealous. hah.