Thursday, May 05, 2005


Ah, baseball's in full swing. I know, the image is a little rash, but you gotta love a kid who knows how to heckle. And, hey, he knows how to pick his team. Boston's not leading the division (yet) but the only thing that makes it so much sweeter is seeing the Yankees in a tie for LAST PLACE with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Congrats, Yankees, for being the only team in professional sports to crack $200 million and find yourself in last place after thirty games have passed. Maybe if Torre and Steinbrenner paid more attention to their Spanks and not their two horses racing in this weekend's Kentucky Derby, they might win a few games, but, eh, screw 'em. Brushback Bronson pitched a gem today in Detroit taking a no-no into the 7th as the Sox won their third straight and we got Clement on the mound tomorrow starting a 3-game home series against the Mariners. Schilling and Wells on the disabled list and who cares? Take your time, guys, we'll hold it down until your healthy. Oh yeah, and Wade Miller makes his Boston debut against the Mariners on Saturday.

Onto the Celtics, who I missed on Tuesday thanks to ESPN and ESPN2 who managed to find more "important" programming than the NBA playoffs. Our two softball games were "rained" out even though it didn't rain and hadn't for two days and, the best part, my wonderful grandparents drove 2 hours up from Lubbock to watch me play. Well, we didn't play, but I crashed a bowl of macaroni at Furrs with chopped steak and onions and came home just in time to see my C's squeeze out a game on the road to force a game seven IN BOSTON ON SATURDAY. This game will be televised, no doubt and I'll be watching with an ice cold Shiner. Sure, tonight's game wasn't pretty, but it's not how you win, it's if you win and we're playing another game. That's all I'm concerned about.

As far as our little buddy that led off this post, who knows, maybe he's not making an obscene gesture at an opposing team. Just imagine he's in the middle of ordering two more beers--one for him and one for his sister. Happy Friday everyone.

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