Monday, May 23, 2005


Real quick before I head to bed for the evening, let me give you some things to look forward to this week following a very quiet week at

An associate's wife gets hit on by A-Rod while he's away in the beer line at Shea Stadium (apparently pics will be provided). "Mr. Smith," I want those pics to post here for all to see.

Finished artwork for Uncle Pantera's (Donovan) first cd entitled "Gadaha". Incredible bass player with more chops than a truck stop and balls than a pool hall.

More ways to ensure yourself bad customer service.

Candid pictures from Danny's (Original City Fence) birthday bash in Lubbock.

And, if time provides, the complete j3 best hip hop albums from the beginning of the 21st century under the Spectacular Album Archive (see link).

Sorry, that's it for now. A cold glass of water, brush my teeth and off to bed for seven hours of sleep.

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