Monday, May 16, 2005


For those who tuned in today or yesterday, you might have noticed the Album of the Week was Definitive Jux's very own Perceptionists, Black Dialogue. However, after only a day, it was yanked from my car's cd player and shoved back into a box. I hate to change it so quickly, but the Album of the Week is reserved for albums with my ultimate endorsement, albums you know during the course of that week that it's all I'm listening to. I heard enough in a day of the Perceptionists to make a decision that it was not worth listening to for a week. Mr. Lif, Akrobatik and Fakts One are all supernice, but this album was flat pancakes. Don't know what all these writers are listening to because all of the reviews were promising, but, eh, couldn't do it. Maybe it needs a few more months in the vaults, you know, age it a little. Speaking of, I think I let the new Album of the Week age enough. And now, in the ultimate move of betrayal against the underground that I hold so dear, I'm trading in the Perceptionists for thug-thuggin', gun-totin', Compton-representin' Game's Documentary. Yeah, I'm so late that the record's already multi-platinum and I've still yet to listen to it in it's completion. That's it for now. Love your neighbor.

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